ERIN’S JACK WHITE AND THE KILLS EXPERIENCE [[MORE]] i know you’ve all been dying to know this. this is pretty long but sO GOOD if you’re up for a big read. basically, i stayed at chloe’s the night...

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i know you’ve all been dying to know this.

this is pretty long but sO GOOD if you’re up for a big read.

basically, i stayed at chloe’s the night before and anyone that’s known me/chloe over the last year know this was a pretty big deal as we talk all the time but never got to meet eachother for like a year but yeah we ordered pizza, watched UGWNL and yep okay it was fabulous

so we get into london at like, two-ish and there’s about 15-20 people in the queue. like people had flown over from amsterdam and shit for this it was insane. so we’re in the queue and everything was dandy though it was fREEZING i had alcohol and good spirit to keep me warm (also gravy and chips yumyumyum)

and then it comes to the time. and this is where it gets interesting ok. so we’re like to the guard “yo man we won early entry” and he was like “k come stand like in the middle of the porch in front of everyone” and everyone in the queue was looking at me and chloe like “wat” and we were like “peasants” ANYWAY yeah so Lalo comes out and he’s all witty and lovely and funny and brilliant as i imagined, and once we get in we start running but there’s like fIVE DOORS AND WE DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO GO SO WE FOLLOWED THESE GIRLS (who turned out to be the kills’s backing singers) AND WE COULDN’T GO THROUGH THE DOOR SO LALO LIKE RUNS AFTER US AND WE BASICALLY RAN AROUND WITH LALO IN THIS HUGE HALL LIKE “WHAT IS GOING ON” and we were ruNNING WITH LALO LET ME JUST EMPHASISE THAT BIT. RUNNING AROUND WITH LALO. and then we get to the thing and we were like the first people so we stood in front of this gate and like the entire crowd came in after us and this weird band were in the middle of this huge market hall thing and they played 3 songs that just seemed to say “good news good news” i felt like i was high

so like

there was meant to be a 30 second headstart for the early entry people, and the guard opens the door and oH I’M ONLY THE FIRST PERSON IN THE FUCKING HALL. I WAS THE FIRST PERSON. IN THE HALL. and i got to the middle/front and then literally the moment my hands touch the barrier there’s this stampede and i turn around and literally everyone is running in. like sprinting. it was like a zombie apocalypse.

so we’re all waiting and there’s strange music playing and then i started to feel really ill like i was about to either throw up or pass out just before the kills came on but the guard was like feeding me water, i think it was the fact i haven’t slept properly in like five days oops, plus travel sickness

so anyway the kills come on and it was the most amazing thing ever in my whole life jeez alison looked at me several times and like came onto the speaker literally like a foot away from me and everything was perfect they plAYED LAST DAY OF MAGIC AND KISSY KISSY AND MONKEY 23 AND ;_;

and at the end of monkey 23 jamie got a slide out and was in the middle right in front of me playing slide guitar and alison just comes behind him and hugs him over his shoulders and i burst into tears it was so cute and lovely and quiet and wonderful i actually fucking cried like real tears because they’re so perfect and they were in front of me and i cried okay i cried

so then there’s like a half an hour wait

then the lights go down again

the whole crowd screams

and a man with a huge afro and an inside out jumper comes on stage and really riles us up like beatboxing and he was like “THE MAN YOU’RE ALL HERE FOR. THE ONE. THE ONLY. JACK WHITE.” and we’re all like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and all the girls come on stage (i was hoping it was the girls…) and start going crazy on their instruments

then he comes on stage and jesus chRIST

he opened with dead leaves, then played canon, and then icr what else happened but these are my favourite moments from jack’s set

  • "you guys make last nights crowd sound like they were asleep"
  • when he sang the “you can hear a piano fall!!!!” bit he went into a pitch that only dogs can hear and everyone giggled it was so cute
  • he went to play Hip Eponymous Poor Boy and he played like the intro bit and then the band went silent and the crowd went fucking mental and he just stood there smiling (yno like the end of SNL love interruption) and like looked really humbled and the kitten teeth came out and he was doing that adorable hair thing where he like strokes his hair on his face down into shape and omg and then he played it and jeez
  • and he played jOHN THE REVELATOR
  • and he looked at me a few times and omg his eyes are so pretty
  • also he had back sweat like in the shape of his braces… um….. whhyuwhywhwhwywhywhy
  • you could tell he was having an amazing time and omfg

basically i would re-live that gig for the rest of my life and be happy. it was like…. literally the best thing in my whole life. everyone should get to experience that.

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